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French Provincial Furniture

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GN Olsson – French Furniture Brisbane, French Provincial Furniture Brisbane, Reproduction French Furniture Brisbane, French Style, Antique & Country Furniture Custom Design, Repair & Restoration Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

The History and Style Of French Provincial Furniture

Discover the French provincial furniture, which was created for families living outside Paris. Its main features will be explored and you’ll find common materials and ornamentation.

Furniture in France Provinces

French furniture history and art often focus on elaborate designs that were created for monarchs and royal courts. These pieces are not well-known because furniture designs were very different for rural people.

French provincial furniture is a term used to describe furniture made in smaller French cities and the country, mainly during the 18th century. This term is often used to describe furniture from France’s provinces, such as Provence, Normandy and Bordeaux.

During the 18th century, the Parisian monarchy and court commissioned hundreds upon hundreds of extravagant and elaborate pieces. They also imposed the Rococo style (also known as Louis XV) and the Neoclassical style (also known as Louis XVI). These are the styles that are most associated with French furniture history today.

French provincial furniture was created as an affordable and simpler version of the expensive pieces designed for the monarchy. The provinces were meant to be used by wealthy families who could not afford the very luxurious Parisian pieces.

It is difficult to find pieces that have been preserved from provincial furniture, as they were not given the same historical significance as the more prominent styles.

This style has seen a rise in popularity over the past decades. Many pieces of country furniture are now available that have many similarities, but they shouldn’t be confused with historical pieces.

French Provincial Furniture: Style and Characteristics

Local residents were the primary buyers of furniture made in their region. They had less purchasing power than the Parisian elite and were often not as well-informed about the latest trends. Sometimes, local craftsmen would travel to Paris to be inspired by current trends. They often took only a few inspirations and did not try to replicate the style.

French provincial furniture wasn’t uniform. This was due to the fact that each region had different traditions and influences. Each region had its own craftsmen. Some pieces were heavy and intricately carved, while others were simple and light.

However, many pieces share some common traits. Furniture often had strong constructions because they were functional. It was built to withstand everyday use and be strong. The pieces were often well-finished with delicate ornamentation.

French provincial furniture often featured moderate ornamentation. These pieces had some embellishments but were not as elaborate as the furniture for the French court.

French provincial table with carved ornaments.

Two main methods of decoration are carvings and painting. The most common technique of decoration was. It consisted of creating panels and engraving decorative motifs such as flowers, mythological creatures, and curved lines. There were many motifs that could be used to decorate paintings. These included scenes from the Bible, landscapes, and mythological creatures. The veneer was rarely used.

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French Provincial Furniture