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Grandfather Clock Repairs Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen – Brisbane Clockmaker – Vintage & Antique Clock Repairs. Grandfather Clock Repairs –Horologist (Expert Timepiece Repairer & Clockmaker) Collaboration & Clock Case Mastercraftsmen to Repair, Restore, Conserve, Design, & Make Clocks, Grandfather Clocks, Wall Clocks, Mantel Clocks & Regulators.

Clock Repairs & Clockmaker Brisbane

Clock Repairer Brisbane – to Repair, Restore, and Conserve Clock Cases & Design and Make Bespoke Clocks

Vintage and antique clocks and regulators (grandfather clock or longcase clock, grandmother clock, wall clock, regulator, dial clock, kitchen clock, carriage clock, mantel clock, French mantle clock, pocket watch stands and novelty clock)

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Clock Repairs & Clockmaker Brisbane

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Phone (national): 07 3888 1549
Phone (international): +61 7 3888 1549

The Art and Craftsmanship for Making and Restoring Timepieces – A Gifted Horologist

Clock value, functionality, antiquity and longevity are maximised due to the synergistic collaboration and craftsmanship of horologist and GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen (clock case maker and repairer). The horologist will work on the clockwork, whilst GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen ready the case. Your case will then be delivered to the horologist so he can expertly fit and test the clockworks in the case prior to notifying you of the completion of the project. You gain from dealing directly with the horologist, with no middlemen or commissions involved. With pickup or delivery arranged by the horologist, you will gain first-hand knowledge and advice regarding the set-up, maintenance and running of the clock.

Clock Repairs & Clockmaker BrisbaneClock Repairs & Clockmaker BrisbaneClock Repairs & Clockmaker BrisbaneClock Repairs & Clockmaker Brisbane

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen offer a complete custom design service and do reproduction research. They are Approved Service Providers with AAADA, and private practice conservators listed with the AICCM for repair, restoration & conservation.

Private clients and collectors commission new clocks, and bring us their vintage, antique and heirloom clocks, for authentic, traditional repair, restoration and conservation of their valued and valuable timepieces. We are also able to provide parts and undertake micro-engineering tasks.

clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers

We can repair, restore or replace the wall brackets, plinths and glass domes, and even pocket watch stands.

clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers

Design and restoration of clocks are done in the traditionally correct, olde school manner.

Clock Repairs & Clockmaker Brisbane

Conservation, restoration and repair of cases & clocks.

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen have expertise in all aspects of timber, veneer and inlay repair, porcelain, metal, marble and slate restoration and conservation, and can carve and turn missing features. Hinges and knobs can be repaired or replaced, and we retain a stock of authentic antique and vintage glass to replace broken panes. Traditional hand French polishing is usually recommended in pure shellac which has proven its worth over centuries. Gilding, hand-painted faux finishes and marbling can all be restored, and our jewellers, micro-engineers, engravers, gold & silversmiths can work absolute miracles on your treasured piece.

clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers
clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers
clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers
clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers
clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers
clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers

Quotations and Service for your treasured timepiece:

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen and their collaborative horologists ensure both the case and the works are maintained, repaired, restored or conserved to exacting standards. Clock case – GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen provide free estimates for case restoration from photos, or following workshop inspection.

We remove the works for the horologist, so they can repair them whilst we attend to the clock case. You are invited to inspect the case upon completion. Then the clock case is provided to the horologist, and you will pick up the entire clock direct from the horologist.

Clockworks – Our highly qualified and experienced horologist colleagues attend to the clockworks. We can advise you of the most appropriate horologist for your clock and location.

Typically, the clockworks service, repair or restoration quote will be provided by the horologist after workshop inspection.

  • All clocks are prone to wear and occasional damage. They may get in such a state that they no longer are able to run freely. Most quotes are free. Accidents and disasters can happen too, so insurance quotations are also possible.
  • Years of use may result in the accumulation of grime, dust and dried oil. These are all painstakingly removed, freeing up mechanisms once again.
  • Broken or worn parts are repaired and missing and weakened parts (eg springs) are replaced. For valuable antique clocks, parts are repaired rather than replaced with reproduction parts. For parts no longer available, they can be micro-engineered.
  • Pendulums, weights, numbers, chains, cat gut, bevelled glass, glass door transfers, ormolu mounts, dials (paper, enamel, porcelain) and hands can be repaired or replaced.
  • All clocks are tested and timed following repairs to ensure accurate timekeeping, striking and chiming.
  • Advice is provided regarding correct setup, maintenance, running and ongoing servicing for antique longcase clocks (or grandfather clocks), wall clocks, bracket clocks, carriage clocks, French mantle clocks, and of course, regulators.

clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers
clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers

Famous History of Royalty Clock

Elvin Harvey, of Harvey Bros, Woolloongabba, son of internationally renowned furniture maker, woodcarver and sculptor, LJ Harvey, was commissioned by the Queensland Government to make an ornately carved longcase clock as a gift for the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Gary Olsson was honoured to be a fully qualified cabinet maker working on the team, which had Elvin, Gary’s teacher, as a designer and principal master carver. Unlike a multitude of royal gifts, we understand that the clock has been retained – an honour to Queensland.

clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers


GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen Clockmaker and Clock Case Repairs Brisbane Grandfather Clock Repairs Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

The Most Affordable Clock Repairers In SE Queensland

We bring you modern and classical clock repairer services that bring your timepieces to life, whether they are modern, antique, classical or ancient. Our master craftsmen are fully experienced and skilled in all aspects of horology and are one of the best clock repairers and horologists in Brisbane and Brisbane Northside, Toowoomba, Ipswich, as well as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions.

clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairersClock Repairs & Clockmaker Brisbane

clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers

clock repairs brisbane sunshine coast repairers

If your clock is not working or needs some type of repair, you may want to consider finding a clock restoration near me. Clock repairs can be done by a variety of people, so you’ll be able to find one that meets your needs and budget. Some common repairs include fixing broken gears, replacing worn parts, and repairing broken springs. When searching for clock restoration near me on Google, make sure to ask about their experience and qualifications.

Clock Restoration Services Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Are you in need of clock restoration services? Perhaps your vintage clock is in need of some repair work? If you happen to be located near the Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast areas, then you’re in luck! We are a reputable clock restoration service near you that can help get your clock back up and running like new.

Types Of Clock Restoration Services

Antique Clock Restoration

Mantle clocks are often passed down from one generation to the next. They are often beautiful pieces of antique furniture that can be quite valuable. However, over time, they may need some repair. If you have an antique mantle clock that needs repair, it is best to find a professional who specialises in this type of work. Our reputable clock restoration companies near you that can help you get your clock back in working order.

Wall Clock Repair

If you’ve inherited an old clock, or just have one that’s seen better days, it may be time for some clock repair. But where do you go for help? Not every town has a clock repair shop anymore, and even if they do, the cost of repairs may be more than the clock is worth.

Grandfather and Grandmother Clock Repair

The sound of a grandfather clock ticking in the background is a soothing and familiar sound to many people. However, what happens when that sound stops? grandfather and grandmother clock repair is necessary when the clock starts to malfunction. The most common problem with these clocks is that the pendulum becomes stuck, which can be fixed by a professional.

Old Clock Repairs and Servicing

Pendulum clocks are one of the oldest types of clocks and they still work today. They work by using a swinging pendulum to keep time. If your pendulum clock isn’t working right, it may need a tune-up. You can take your clock to a professional or do it yourself.

Clock Repairs & Clockmaker Brisbane