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GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen Period & Antique Restoration -
Interiors, Furniture, Clock, Frame,
Box, Armour & Artifact -
Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen –
Restoration of Period & Antique Interiors, Furniture, Clocks, Frames & Artifacts -
Brisbane antique restoration (restore antiques, repair antiques, fix antiques),
Antique furniture restoration, (Brisbane furniture restoration, furniture repairs);
Leather repairs, cane furniture restoration (cane repairs) & outdoor furniture repairs);
Insurance Claims, repair damaged furniture – Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Side Building

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen are renown accredited antique restorers, with more than a pdfquarter of a century in private practice antique restoration.

Gary Olsson is a highly reputable designer,  and timber, veneer, gold and leather specialist.  Over the years he’s been engaged as interior, furniture and artifact designer, antique restorer and conservator, cabinetmaker, furniture maker, chair maker, joiner, glazer, leather, baise and fabric worker, gilder, carver, turner, ebeniste’, marqueteur, parqueteur, locksmith, polisher, blacksmith and metal worker and restorer.   

Our people use traditional methods and materials, replacing sections only when there is no other choice. 

Call on us to repair and restore your

Interiors       Furniture       Clock         Frame        Artifact


In 2002, GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen joined the vetted ranks of the AAADA (Australian Antique & Art Dealers' Association) as Approved Service Supplier, specifically for the services of Furniture Restoration & Conservation and Gilding.

Under the Furniture Restoration & Conservation category it describes GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen services, "Antique conservation, restoration and reproductions (replicas).  Custom classic and corporate executive furniture, intricate and heritage joinery.  22ct gold embossed leather inserts for desks."

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen services are described under the Gold Embossing on Leather category as:  "22ct gold embossed English leather for desks, mouse pads, desk blotters, boardroom and table placemats and coasters.  Bookshelf edging, reception counters, and wall panelling.  Custom embossing.  Leather covered tacks and embossed upholstery leather."

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen maximise the value and longevity of your treasured piece.

Today’s investments… Tomorrow’s antiques and heirlooms!



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GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen specialise in personalised service and individual attention.  Each commission is important to us, no matter how large or small the task.


Early pdfAustralian and pdfQueensland furniture (crafted by pdfAustralian furniture makers) , artifacts, horse drawn vehicles and collectables. 

Chest of Drawers

English Furniture and interiors from the pdfearliest history. Styles include: pdfGothic Elizabethan, Jacobean


English pdf(England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales) furniture of William and Mary, Queen Anne, George I, George II, George III , Regency, George IV, William IV, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Edwardian, Liberty, Art Nouveau, eras and styles.

William and Mary Chest

From the old master designers, (and their followers) such as Chippendale, Adams, Hepplewhite, and pdfBoulle.


From local traditional designers including pdfLJ Harvey and Harvey Bros, Bell Bros, Trittons, FH Burns and Rosenstengal.


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Provision of expertise, techniques and materials appropriate for Scandinavian, Continental, Asian and American antique furniture restoration and conservation.

Chinese Cabinet

pdfFrench and Provincial furniture Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Republic, Napoleon I, Louis XVIII, Charles X, Louis Phillipe, Second Republic, Napoleon III, Third Republic, Biedermeier styles.


Though it is not necessarily a good short term return on investment, (as they are not sufficiently aged, or valued yet), we also work with solid timber and high end veneered Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Deco and Modern eras and styles.  Usually, such items would be heirlooms or high value pieces. 

LeadLight Cabinet


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Contemporary Furniture, Designer Furniture and Gallery Furniture - Elite Designer Furniture, and Gallery Furniture can be economical to restore and conserve, depending on their values.

 Eames Chair

We also convert and alter furniture, adjust heights of tables, overmantels for sideboards, computer accommodation, secret compartments, to match embellishments and polish colour and shine, ageing and antiquing.


For vintage, classic and prestige cars and other vehicles - Timber, veneer, ornate metal and leather restoration work.

Leather Panel

Antique Clock, Artifact, Furniture and Architectural Conservation for heritage listed items and buildings, museums, galleries and private collections and residences.

Inlay Porcelain

Interiors – antique interiors, heritage buildings, heritage architecture, heritage furniture, heritage artifacts.



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GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen are Approved Service Providers for more than 30 national and international insurance companies and brokerage firms.  We repair damage from transport, fire, water, burglary and accidental damage.  Ask about insurance claims, insurance assessment, insurance quotation, and insurance restoration, and transport insurance damage repairs.  We also can assist with emergency removal and storage of furniture – fire damage, water damage, flood damage.

Dave Pender

We offer a referral service for antique valuations.  

We offer research assistance and access to a wide network of reputable accredited antique dealers, should you wish to have assistance with antique sourcing and acquisitions.  Ask Gary for his discrete, complimentary, pre-purchase inspection and advice service.  That way you’ll know how much to allow for, to both purchase and restore your antiques. It's best to know up front what is involved, before you sign the dotted line.


GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen have their own pantech, but where appropriate we bring in other specialist furniture, piano and art removalist services. 

Click to discover a poem written for Gary - pdfThe Antique Restorer

Our people are here to assist in your restoration project.  They only use premium materials to replace damaged or missing sections in cases where it is not possible to repair original sections.

Our aim is to maximise the longevity and value of the piece, so we keep it as original as possible.

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