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GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen - Gilded Leather & Felt Embossing & Inlay - Custom Design, Restoration, Reproductions & Conservation - Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen are specialists in leather, gold and baise work (felt) for furniture, interiors, boxes, frames and artifacts.

Commission GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen for leather, gilding, baise (felt) and fabric lining work in any style, from any era.



Custom design leather products

We purchase premium leathers from throughout the world, obtaining the correct type and colour of leather for each task.  Gary Olsson colour stains and antiques leather by hand for that artistic and authentic touch.  Gilding can be antiqued as well, if desired.  Embossing can be done on leather,felt (baise) and even some fabrics.  It can be blind (no colour), or in genuine 22ct gold, silver (platinum) or a wide range of colours.  We only use English Haynesworth Baise (felt) as it simply is the best, and comes in a wide range of colours.  For spans of leather for upholstery and interior paneling, we do custom tooling in any graphic design whatsoever. 

Restoration and conservation of leather

We go to whatever length is required to ensure painstaking adherence to authentic originality, whether the project is about preservation, conservation, restoration or reproduction.  Our attention to detail is second to none as we engage in traditional craftsmanship, styling to the time period your piece requires.  Resplendent interiors are achieved using traditional methods and superior materials, sourced locally and internationally. Whether your piece be contemporary or classic, new or antique, our craftsmanship will maximise longevity and value. 

Ask us about:

22ct Gold Embossing on English Leather Inlay

Gold embossed leather inlays for desk, davenport, secretaire, bonheur du jour, bureau and writing box – choose your own custom design from our wide range of available leather embossing tools which can be viewed in the photo gallery.


Gold Initials

Unique & monogrammed luxury deskware and tableware - desk blotters, mouse pads, writing pads, display pads, placemats, coasters.  Perfect corporate gift and luxury gift ideas.


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Ornate Leather

Leather upholstery, custom embossed leather upholstery, leather covered upholstery tacks.


Leather SampleLeather Sample

Imported range of sheets of embossed cow leather in a wide range of colours and designs, even faux crocodile!


Leather and baise (felt) lining for boxes, cases, drawers, and underneath items to prevent scratching furniture they are kept on.



Baise (felt) lining to prevent rubbing points on moving parts of furniture



Baise or felt lined cutlery drawers


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Baise (felt) lining for card tables, games tables


Cutlery Canteen

Baise and fabric lining for cutlery canteens, instrument cases, boxes


shelf edging

Bookshelf edging


Book Binding

Book Binding


Leather Handle

Leather bound hardware, and leather hinges and handles



Car interiors


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Blind or Gold embossed names, logos, monogrammes, initials, crests, graphics, larger decorative wall panels.


Gold Embossing

Artifacts, Australiana and collectibles – made, repaired, restored, and conserved.

Ask about: preservation, conservation, restoration, renovation, repair, refinish, rejuvenate, alter, convert, reproduction, design, make, build and install.

Red Leather Inlay

If you’ve been told it can’t be done . . . it is time to ask GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen.

If you want the best – ask GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen!


If you want the best – ask GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen